Monday, January 12, 2015

It's a Brand-New Year

There's really nothing magical about turning the page of your calendar, but it still feels magical, which is why so many of us make New Year's resolutions.

Of course, the old saying "Man plans, God laughs" got the better of me last year. I said I would write fifty-two blog posts here last year, and I fell woefully short (by my count, I posted 10, although I began drafting close to 25). In fact, I stopped my regular writing gig over at to focus on my writing, and yet here I am. I also resolved to read 50 books on Good Reads, but my profile there was a constant reminder of how far behind I had fallen. Even my book club read less than our usual eleven books per year.

Last year was the hardest year of my life thus far. My daughter was born, and she is not the sleeper my son was. We assumed throughout the year that she was just one of those Fussy Babies you occasionally hear about (through sobs), but we discovered in September that she has a rare eye condition that has kept her in near constant discomfort, likely since her birth. In addition to this, my son is now two (almost three), and the switch has flipped from nice, compliant son to toy-room terror.

So on the one hand, I look at my failed attempts to write and think, "Man, what did I accomplish in 2014?" And on the other hand, I think, "How in the world did I get anything done?" And really, measuring a year by posts written and books read is a sorry yardstick for accomplishment. Some days all you can do is wake up and do your duty before crawling back under the covers. I've learned a little more what Paul meant that God's grace is made perfect in weakness. (I wish it were a little more perfect, or that I was.) Daily bread has taken on new meaning for me.

So in 2015, I resolve to do nothing, which we're told ensures that we'll reach our goals. I pray today for the strength for today, and tomorrow I will pray for the strength I need to face that day. Baby steps and daily bread. And lots and lots of coffee.

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