Monday, July 25, 2011

Reflections on Peace

In order to give my pastor a break this summer, several men from the church have been preaching a sermon series on the fruit of the Spirit. Yesterday, shaky and nervous, I delivered my sermon on peace.

Each time I've preached, I've done manuscript delivery, so this time, I was determined not to--determined, that is, until it became time to preach. Then I decided, no, I'd rather just read my remarks. The reason for doing this: I would take a lot longer to say a lot less if my remarks were not scripted.

The audio for the sermon is not posted online (better for you: I hate hearing my voice recorded), but you can read the text of the sermon here, if you're interested. It's hard sometimes to say all you want to say in a forty-minute sermon, so forgive the not-always-as-nuanced-as-it-should-be approach.

***EDIT: The audio is now online.***

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