Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Recap

I set some games on a table, inspect the new fooseball table (to see if it is regulation size), and look up at the screen. It sounds like a cat is dying to the vague tune of the national anthem. It turns out it is some warbling singer who may or not be descended from cats. I head downstairs because the food line opens. As I walk past another television, I notice some men wearing helmets. I walk upstairs, talk with some friends, laugh, and eat. I join a game of fooseball to see if I still have the skillz I had worked so hard for in high school. I don't, but what I have left is enough. We play again to see if the first game was a fluke. It wasn't. I notice Darth Vader on the screen, but he is smaller than usual. I go downstairs, get some more dip; see more men in helmets, this time in rows. I go upstairs, talk some more, and get challenged to another game of fooseball. After the first game, I offer to play using only the defensive men. The god of thunder descends--mental note: go to the theater this summer. Time for a cookie. Now time for a game. How about exploring a ruined Incan temple? I play it mostly safe, and leave the temple with very little treasure. I don't take enough chances. We play again, with similar results. Several players spring up--a mass exodus to the couches, where their eyes are fixed on several people wearing medieval garb. All of these time periods are confusing. Wait, that's not medieval--their leather suits are glowing. That's not music I hear--what is it? Lots of glowing people doing stuff. No, thanks; let's chat about coffee instead. Tasty, tasty coffee. Someone's being lowered onstage among the dancing lights. Thank goodness. It's time to explore the Incan temple some more. I'm still too cautious. I play some air hockey, but lose in an epic contest. Wait, what happened? Why are the green guys celebrating so much?

I'm glad to get together with friends on the first Sunday in February; I just can't figure out what the occasion is.


  1. Allow me to help you out... this was the annual celebration of the mythical creature known as the "Superb Owl" the lowercase-g god of burgers, greasy snacks, and the commercials being the most important thing on TV for 5 hours.